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Welcome to D E A T H Website

Hey all Seeing as the site has just been made for a few weeks no events will be posted as yet but that does not stop us starting little groups for easier content like the Hole and Obalisk of ackzul for guild status points once the server starts to populate we will then think of moving onto the harder content and evenutally form a raid commuinty we will make sure that when we do raids it does not intermix with people's raids on the live servers so say you raid mon-tue-wed-thurs we will try to set our raids Fri-sat and sun but we are not compleatly sure yet (Scampy)

Ok guys We may have events but nothing major yet like little competions in the guild like writ competitions for fun and to lvl the guild also if we get our guild hall if we have crafters and you can provide materials for the harvest depot box we will give out rewards for helping the crafters get there fuel (Lightingfist)

We may also do mini Guild events like Find the plat giver (Guild leader or Officer is the giver) also we will do a crafter hunt who ever finds our crafters in the guild hall first is given a mastercrafted item from who ever they found (Carpenter) Any type of housing item
(Sage) any spell etc Thanks for Reading (Lightingfist)
Guild News

Guild writ event

Huntingscampy, Jul 17, 10 11:12 AM.
Hey guys just the heads up that we will be holding a Guild writ competition the person who does the most writs wins in order
1st 25Plat and a item a promotion)possibly
2nd 15Plat and a item
3rd 10Plat and a item
4th 5 plat and a item
5th an item

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Huntingscampy, Jul 17, 10 10:55 AM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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